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Season 6
Server Launch - July 1, 2022


Ancient Castle Dungeon (DR 50-60)

  • Enter the Dungeon in the City of Gods.
  • Farm the Ancient Divine Keys.
  • Exchange the Key together with Weapon Dust for Dragon Sets.
  • Special boss can be spawned with a Opener. (For Fashion Coins)

Dekane Mine Dungeon (95-150)

  • Add Dekane Mine as party farm dungeon.
  • Farm moonstones, sunstones and penya.
  • Add special boss room for Super Moonstones (DR 25).

Weapon Dust Conversion System

  • Convert any ultimate weapon to weapon dust.
  • The amount of dust is based on the weapons gearscore.
  • You will get 10% dust safe and 10-100% dust random.
  • You can use the dust to recycle Dragon Weapons or get Dragon Sets.

Ultimate Accessory Upgrade System

  • Upgrade the end-game accessory to ultimate.
  • You will need Scroll of Super AProtect from the Dust Cave.
  • You will need Ultimate Conversion Stone from the Daily Dungeon.
  • Convert your accessory to ultimate with the Conversion Stone.
  • Farm Super Moonstones from the Dekane Mine.
  • Upgrade your accessory with Super Moonstones in the City of Gods.

City of Gods

  • Add City of Gods to Darkon Tax Area.
  • Update city of gods map design.
  • Add Sentinel Of The Gods NPC.

Guild Buff System

  • Costs per week depend now on the number of members.
  • New statistics UI in the guild window.
  • Smaller guilds need less siege points.

Guild SR/GS Configuration System

  • Configure who can manage/register the SR/GS.


  • Guild-Leader can remove the guild logo now.
  • Guild tax money will now be converted to perin.


  • Fix dungeon kill counter message.


  • Increase monster spawn capabilities (64bit).
  • Fix speedhack check.

Game Client

  • Improve performance for multiple game clients.
  • Improve performance by compiler optimization.
  • Reduce problems with client minimization.

Fashion Store System

  • Buy your CS fashion and weapon skins ingame.
  • You can obtain the Fashion Coins in the donate shop.
  • Trade the fashion coins how you like.
  • You can transmute items you bought in the Fashion Store.
  • You can transmute as many items as you like for free.
  • All skins you buy are stored on your ingame-account.

Weapon Level Cap System

  • All weapons have now their individual weapon level cap.
  • The better the weapon the higher the weapon level can get.

Increased Weapon Level System

  • You can level your weapon now up to 300 levels.
  • All old weapon are gonna be scaled up to the new system.
  • Old weapons will keep their weapon level benefits.

Offline Vendors

  • Item stacks can now have a unlimited total price.
  • Fix display of the total price numbers (Item Finder).

Awake System

  • Cloaks are now awakeable inside the awake window.

PvP Rumble

  • Add PvP Rumble window to register 10 minutes befor rumble will start.
  • Add PvP Rumble teleport window.

Fast Diamond System

  • Get the right diamond in much quicker.
  • Only Premium users will be able to use it.
  • Normal players can still use the old system.

Extended Character Slots

  • Have your characters on up to 4 pages.
  • Currently only for testing. (disabled)

Auto Refill System

  • Refills your Safe Upgrade window with material.
  • Put the required material in and start upgrading.
  • When there is no material left just press start to auto-refill.

Winter Crusade and Flaris PK Quest

  • You will have a chance to get PK Level after the Quest.
  • Fix the bug where you did get 30 PK Levels.
  • Update flaris mountain (remove no move zone).


  • Fix Old/New-Glow scroll message for set parts.
  • Fix model remove scroll (if there is no model).
  • Fix clear mail (Checks if there is enough space in your inv.)
  • Fix angel creation bug (Dragon Cloak Quest).
  • Fix teleporter client crash.
  • Add weapon level message slow mode (For low level weapons).
  • Change election time to midnight.
  • Update forest dungeon sky and spawns.
  • Update safe upgrade window design.
  • Update party window UI.
  • Update kill counter shop prices for increased weapon level.