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Season 6
Server Launch - July 1, 2022

City of Gods - Flyff Expansion

City of Gods - Madrigal Expansion

• Dragon Rank 50 Monsters.
• Dragon Rank 55 Monsters.
• Dragon Rank 60 Monsters.
• Dungeon Entrance (coming soon).
• New City.
• Level Areas.

Dungeon Record Book

• Update dungeon time calculation.
• Reset record book.
• Fix dungeon names.

Player Lord System

• Start events at any time (Full Price).
• Start events at fixed times (20% Price).
• Use all lord skills while the event is running.

Guild Siege

• Guild needs min. one kill for red chips.
• Guild needs to use up revival points for red chips.
• Disable teleporter in siege.

Kill Counter

• Counter updates while being open.
• No need to reopen the window again.
• Add EXP scrolls to the Kill Counter Shop.

Game Client

• Add new installer on the website.
• If you get disconnects download the new client.

AOE Leveling

• Fix monster target loss after monster died.


• Improved pet pickup range.
• Improve model change menu entry.
• Improve auto shout menu entry.
• Improve collecting (Fix limit bug).
• Add free common bank.
• Add free full shout.

PK System

• Add player kill limit.
• After PK Level 8 you have to do a confession.


• Add 250 HD AI Upscaled Textures.
• Add working Anti-Aliasing.
• Add working Anisotropy.
• Add working terrain filter.

User Interface

• Add expanded inventory state saving.
• Add dark instant message.
• Add new clear mail buttons.
• Update hotkey change UI.
• Update option menu.
• Improve chat buttons.
• Improve inventory character rendering.


• Adjust mount start height.
• Increase post/mail keep time.
• Bloody Dragon Two-Handed Sword effect fixed.
• Event monster movement speed fixed.
• Missing textures added.
• New Behemoth's Bow Model added.
• Dragon Essence description changed.
• Ire of Iblis MP consumption reduced.
• Add new SAO Sets.