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Season 10
Dragon Rank 200 - March 8th

Dear Dragon Crusade Community,

10 years ago we launched our first initial project and of course we want to celebrate this occasion with you.

10th Anniversary Invasion (Friday, 29 November 2019 6 PM UTC+1):

However, after all these years, some hidden Masquerpets decided to invade us on November 29th.
So we need YOU to gather together and put them to rout.

If you finish this mission successfully, we will grant you a x1,5 EXP/DROP/WEAPONLEVEL event for the upcoming weekend.

Also, you will be rewarded with the following items if you free Madrigal from the boss and it's entourage:

- Statted badge (15 stats & 5% EXP) (1 month)
- Permanent badge

- Anniversary title
- Mysterious crystal powerups

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