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Season 10
Dragon Rank 200 - March 8th

Dragon Island

  • The Dragon Island is a world with increased droprate, spawns and better quest items for your guild. (Level 125-150 Monster Spawns)
  • Rainbow Flowers (so far the best items to level your guild)
  • Increased Penya Rate (adapted to the level) -> you get a random value and can get up to 3x more Penya.
  • Increased Box and DragonChip Rate (better than in Madrigal)
  • Elevated spawns (perfect for grind).
  • The winners of the Secret Room can go via the Tower in Flaris to the Farm Map and get EXP.


Scale Dungeon System

  • All dungeons are now accessible with any level, if the minimum level has been reached.
  • There can no longer be groups in a dungeon that have more than 10 levels difference.
  • The dungeons scale in small steps, which may still be changed.


Dungeon Cooldown Reset

  • A new scroll has been added which allows you to reset the cooldown of a dungeon.
  • The scroll was added to the Dragon Chip Shop in Flaris.


Magic Defence & Block

  • The resistance of magical and physical attacks can now be set specifically for each boss.
  • Thereby the damage of Magic Classes and Meele was equalized and balanced.


Offline Vendor

  • To create an Offline Vendor you need a "Scroll of Offline Vendor" (1/3/7 days) which you can buy ingame at the Dragon Chip dealer or via the Vote / Donate Shop.
  • The Offline Vendor Scrolls are valid for 1/3/7 days. During this time you can open an Offline Vendor with the same Scroll as often as you like, which remains open for 1/3/7 days
  • In addition, the scrolls also drop in the Daily Dungeon
  • The vendor behaves like a normal player shop.
  • The proceeds from sold items are either put directly into the player's inventory or, if this is not possible, sent by mail.
  • If your offline vendor expires or you close it without enough space in your inventory, the remaining items will be sent to you by mail.


Switch Item Job

  • A window has been added (Start->System) which makes it possible to change the job of your Knuckles from Billposter Master to Ringmaster Master
  • this system only works with Knuckle & Stick for now. Another example: Ancient Stick (Ringmaster-Hero 121) becomes Ancient Stick(Billposter-Hero 121)


Vote Box

  • New vote window was inserted.
  • The vote window opens after receiving the daily poison.
  • When voting, the browser opens with the votelink generated from the account name.
  • Forks for accounts generated during the creation of a website account (same name as the website account).



  • The Start Menu has been completely reworked and now has better icons.
  • In some places the text colors have been adjusted to make texts easier to read.


Quick Windows

  • The start menu has been changed
  • At the top you will find quick links to the following pages: Discord, YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Votesite


Player Rumble

  • The Player Rumble System was added
  • All necessary windows have been added to PvP Arena manager "Ray"
  • The rumble starts every day at 20 o'clock, provided that the minimum number of rumbles is not less than 20 o'clock. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

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