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How to start in Dragon Crusade?

1 year 1 month ago - 1 year 1 month ago #376 by Jesline
As a new player, you may be wondering which class to start with, how to level up quickly, and how to do dungeons right away. There are many ways to make your life easier on this server, and I'm here to help. First, let me give you some information on each class and their advantages in the early game.

Which class is best to begin with?
Every class has its advantages, and every class is viable to start with. However, let me give you some insight into each class on this server.

Blade: This class is weak in the early stages, but as it reaches the right level and acquires decent items, it can top the damage of all classes.
Knight: This class is excellent in both 1v1 and AOE situations, even with low-level gear. It can manage to tank while also providing good damage.
Ranger: This class is the easiest to begin with, with its huge block rate and good early damage making it easy to level up.
Jester: This class has good damage, even in the early game. Although its attacks may often be blocked, it still provides decent damage.
Billposter: This class is good for AOE in early levels, with the help of prevention and stonehand to tank multiple enemies.
Ringmaster: This is one of the fastest classes to level up, regardless of whether you choose to go pure int, pure sta, or hybrid. You can lure many monsters using merkaba and then run around and AOE again, even with low-level gear.
Psykeeper: This class deals massive damage even with low-level gear, making it a fast leveler. You can choose to go for 1v1 or AOE.
Elementor: This class is the easiest to use for luring monsters without getting hit using wind field. It also has good early damage.
It's important to note that each class is viable to start with, so ultimately, choose what you like.

How to level up?
Many players wonder where to level up quickly and what the goal level is to achieve first. In this server, you can level up normally on any maps if you are already at the appropriate level. You can press the V Teleporter and look for Madrigal Maps, where there is an indication of the level you need to be at to enter.

Here is the basic map for leveling up to 150:
1 to 15 - Flaris
16 to 40 - Saintmorning
41 to 48 - Garden of Rhisis
49 to 70 - Darkon 1
71 to 100 - Darkon 3, Darkon Desert & Darkon Glaphan
101 to 115 - Khaldera Camp
116 to 128 - Valley of Rhisen
129 to 150 - Bahara Desert
Of course, you can have your own strategy for leveling up, such as going to Azria (Winter Crusade) and skipping other maps. You should also know that the dungeon scale increases as you level up, so stopping at the required level will make doing dungeons easier. You can check the V Teleporter to see the required level of each dungeon and how much it scales with every level you gain.

Now, let's talk about how to do dungeons right away. First, you need to have enough gearscore, which indicates whether you can enter the dungeon or not. To gain gearscore, you need to have decent items. See picture below for gearscore:

How to gain enough gearscore?
You can gain gearscore by acquiring items such as accessories, sets, weapons, and element on the suit. Gearscore gets higher when you upgrade your items. However, note that you cannot gain gearscore on shields, element on weapon, fashion, and piercing. You can see the gearscore on every item.

In conclusion, as a new player on this server, it's important to choose the class that suits your playstyle, level up according to your preferred.
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