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Patch 4.1.9

5 years 6 days ago #141 by DANI
#Patchnotes 12.07.2019

- Fix model change disappearing after restart.
- Fix quest item name (leech).
- Fix missing quest item.
- Fix party drop log in dungeons.
- Fix client crash for drop sounds.
- Fix client crash (dungeon entrance).
- Fix model remove scroll.
- Fix model change for high item IDs (warning)
- Fix quest client crash
- Fix item browser quick buy client crash.
- Fix item browser quest window crash.
- Fix client crash in UpdateRegionAttr.
- Fix sell blue items client crash.
- Fix dungeon client crash (pet).
- Add security checks.
- Decrease ticket channel.
- Disable some tickets for channel 1 (still working on ch 2-5).

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