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Patch 4.1.5

3 years 9 months ago #95 by DANI
#Patchnotes 22.06.2019

- Improve world buff performance
- Fix world buff network bug.
- Fix daily dungeon translation
- Remove log spam for penya buff.
- Remove /FixSkill command.
- Fix buyback memory problem.
- Remove player form B7 (if they are from last weeks SR guild)
- Add menu to hide offline vendors
- Add menu to disable/enable aggro for RMs in madrigal.
- Add penya instant pickup.
- Add weapon level EXP event.
- Add bank pang cooldown
- Disable some logs.
- Fix missing party drop list.
- Hainure/Hanira Set (Crackshooter) effect changed (15%PvM -> 10%PvM)
- Acer Set (Ranger) effect changed (10%PvM -> 5%PvM)
- Tyrent/Tight Set (Ranger) effect changed (15%PvM -> 10%PvM)
- 2 new Cs Pets added (soon available)
- Event Monster and Cloak added (future event)
- Ankle of Rangda droprate increased
- Dragon Knuckle Model Skin fixed (size increased)
- The Doom Guard (Soul Shield Templar) effects changed to 1on1
- Fireland monster model and name changed
- Red,Blue & Green Meteonyker penya rate reduced (by 30%)
- Dragon Rank buffs cooldown added and changed to INT based

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