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Patch 4.1.2

4 years 10 months ago #69 by DANI
#Patchnotes 10.06.2019

- Increase Dragon Island spawns.
- Add channel 5 for siege and SR (also for farming)
- Remove siege and SR from channel 1.
- Add bonus EXP for channels with low player count.
- Auto mark shops.
- Fix party finder (some party's where missing)
- Update ban system.
- Disable Info peng.
- Fix PK stun bug in madrigal.
- Fix render old/new glow scroll.
- Fix pet cooldown.
- Fix crossbow.
- Add admin lord events.
- Add get skin back scroll.
- Don't destroy model change skin for dragon cloaks.
- Increase Jester PvE damage by 35%.
- Disable sleeping skill in rumble.
- Fix guild house access from outside.
- Fix weapon level scaling.
- Scroll of Modelchange, Modelchange Recovery Scroll and Scroll of Old/New Glow description translated to English
- Scroll of faster Pet description changed
- Stormblade, Arcanist, Templar hp rate adjusted (fixed)
- Feather Cloak and Hell Horn Cloak Icons on website fixed
- Monsters with level 150+ drops fixed (Oricalkum/Moonstone)
- Ire of Ibilis effect changed to 20% Critical Damage
- Dungeon record book names adjusted
- Beads abusing fixed
- Everybody will get a Worldboss Treasure by killing Worldbosses
- Dragon Cloak 2 Part (5/5) description fixed
- Ace Silverwing Dutchess damage decreased (Sanpres Master).
- Hainure/Hanira Set effects changed to 15% PvE damage (Dryad Crackshooter Set).

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