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Patch 4.1.0

3 years 9 months ago #47 by DANI
#Patchnotes 05.06.2019

- Enable Ticket Layer Switch.
- Enable instand board system (Shift + space).
- Fix pvp scoreboard (only channel 1) .
- Fix webbox (Ingame Donate Shop).
- Fix offline vendor (buy with full inventory).
- Update autoban system.
- Fix item list donate shop (we can add new items now).
- Add AOE Lord Buffs.
- Reduce lord buff cooldown.
- Fix russian client crash in Elliun City.
- F-i-t-a Cookies duration changed to 30min.
- Update flaris map.
- Fix Dragon Island lags.
- Fix secret room monster wall bug.
- Update russian gw times text.

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