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Dragon Rank 90 Expansion

7 months 3 weeks ago #388 by DANI

? Dragon Rank 90 Expansion - A Journey This Friday! ? @everyone

Prepare for another grand adventure, Dragon Crusade champions! This Friday at 6 PM GMT+2 in 12 hours, step into the enigmatic Dragon Rank 90 Expansion!

? New Level Area & Hellscape!
Rune Territories: An enchanting realm reserved exclusively for Dragon Rank 90+ adventurers.
Hellscape of Dragons: Navigate this perilous domain and gather the essentials for the Black Dragon Sets!

? Gear Up for Sunday's Tournament!
Champions, Sunday beckons with an epic tournament! Ensure your guild is primed and registered for the Guild Siege, and may the best team prevail!

Whether you're seeking powerful artifacts, yearning for breathtaking lore, or thirsting for competitive glory – the Dragon Crusade realm promises all this and more. Sharpen your weapons, gather your allies, and dive into the mystique! ?️

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