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Dragon Rank 80 Expansion Patch

9 months 5 days ago #387 by DANI

? Dragon Rank 80 Expansion - Venture Into the Dark Territory This Friday! ? @everyone

Fasten your seatbelts, Dragon Crusade warriors! This Friday at 6 PM GMT+2 in 16 hours, we're unveiling the mystifying Dragon Rank 80 Expansion!

? New Level Area & Dungeons!
Dark Territory: A chilling new area designed for Dragon Rank 70+ adventurers.
Black Castle: Unearth the Legendary Dragons and collect materials for the Black Dragon Sets!
Ice Wing Dungeon: Set forth to acquire the majestic Golden Dragon Weapons!

? Tournament Stats & Upcoming Matches
First Tournament Winner: ? Guild Madness
Match 1: Madness 94 Points, Akatsuki 5 Points
Match 2: Madness 145 Points, BlackLotus 2 Points, MPAJA 2 Points
Match 4: Madness 489 Points, Akatsuki 10 Points

Second Tournament Announcement in 3 days
The first match of Tournament 2 kicks off this Sunday at 3 PM GMT+2 in 3 days! Don't miss out on the whopping 700 FWC Tokens reward for this match! Ensure your guild is registered for the Guild Siege!

Gear up, strategize, and don't miss out on the rich lore, powerful items, and intense competitions awaiting you in the Dragon Crusade realm! ?️

? DragonCrusade Patch 9.6.1 | 13 October @everyone

? Highlighted Feature: 8-Player Buddy Leveling System
We're introducing a new buddy leveling system, where you can gain up to 50% more EXP when leveling with buddies. The first two buddies will give you a 30% EXP boost, and each additional buddy will add 4% more EXP!

?️ New Features and Changes
Dust Cave Boss Room Info: Get essential details with the new info text for the Dust Cave Boss Room.
EXP Over the Cap: As your Dragon Rank increases, you'll gain more EXP over the level cap.
Resource Update: Resources have been updated for better performance.
Base Server Guild Fix: Resolved the issue where guilds did not show up on the base server.
Base Server DB Crash Fixes: Addressed crashes related to database server and EQ switch on the base server.

?️ Bug Fixes
Buddy Leveling Fix: Resolved the bug where EXP wasn't correctly applied when a buddy was out of reach. (Thanks to L0v0lup)
Achievement DB Load Warning: Fixed the warning during achievement database loading.
Event Item Exchange: Fixed the exchange of event items. (Committed by 8e0f746fa)
Dungeon Finder Crash: Fixed a client crash issue related to the dungeon finder.
Guild Clash Time Sync: Resolved time synchronization issues during guild clashes.
Season EXP Scale: Experience gain has been revised for the ongoing season.

? Text Updates
Level Buddy Info: The information text for the level buddy feature has been updated.
Project Update: Internal project settings have been updated. (Committed by fc1920d34)

? We'd like to extend our gratitude to the DragonCrusade community. Your insights and feedback shape our game! Keep exploring and conquering!

? #DragonCrusadeTeam

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