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Dragon Rank 15 Expansion

1 year 1 month ago #378 by DANI

#Patch 9.4.0 | 13 May 2023 @everyone

Faction Buffs
• Fixed issues related to Faction Buffs for a more balanced gameplay experience.
• Adjusted Faction Buffs for improved performance and balance.

GM Event Exchanger
• An exciting new feature, the GM Event Exchanger, is now in progress.

Item Column Info
• Added more information to the item column for better clarity.

Faction Token Price
• Fixed Faction Token prices for Faction Buffs to ensure fairness.

Model Client & Rumble Updates
• Updated the model client and rumble to enhance gameplay experience.

Player Killing Mode
• Updated player killing (PK) mode to bring more excitement to the game.

Inventory Chest & Faction PvP
• Updated inventory chest database for a smoother user experience.
• Fixed Faction PvP to ensure balanced and fair battles.

Active Faction Buffs & Item Stack Merging
• Fixed active Faction Buffs for better performance during Faction battles.
• Updated item stack merging for easier inventory management.
Dragon Realm
• Set dragon realm respawn rate to 10 minutes. @everyone
• Added new open times (1PM, 7PM, 9PM, 12AM, 2AM, 7AM GMT+2).
• You can now attack other players in the dragon realm, introducing a new layer of strategy and competition.
• Increased penya reward for dragon realm bosses to enhance the incentives for participating in dragon realm battles.

Guild Window Update
• Removed guild support button from guild window for a cleaner interface.

New Buff Effects & Channel Switch Improvement
• Added tooltips for new buff effects to provide more information.
• Improved channel switch to prevent login bug for a smoother gaming experience.

Database Skill Save Issue
• Fixed database skill save issue to ensure your skill progression is properly stored.

Guild Bank Penya Color
• Changed guild bank penya color to grey for better visual distinction.

Faction Missions
• Updated faction missions to provide more exciting challenges.

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