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Dragon Rank 100 Expansion

1 year 10 months ago #364 by DANI

Dragon Rank 100 Content Expansion
Friday at 6 PM GMT+2 the new level cap of Dragon Rank 100 will be unlocked. @everyone

+25% Donate Weekend - Starting Now!
This weekend there is a bonus on Donate Coins. You will see the bonus after the purchase.

Dragon Rank 100 Cap Update
• New Cave King Dungeon Unlocked!
• Get the strongest of all Dragon Companions. (Legendary Dragon VI)
• Improved Guardian spawns at DR 80+.
• Updated Black Castle (Bugfixes).
• Changed Dark Runes monsters to Dragon Rank 95.
• Removed Dark Runes boss room obstacles.
• Increased Guardian EXP and HP. (Level Area)
• Added Ice Wing Monster Buff - Penya +15%, Drop +25%
• Added Hellscape Monster Buff - Penya +15%, DMG +25%
• Guild Siege: Pets are now hidden to prevent client freezes.

Tournament Match 8
The tournament match will be held on Sunday, 28 August at 3 PM GMT+2.

450 Points = 8100 Donate Coins (Ingame)

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