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Patch 7.1.1 - Guild Siege Buff

2 years 1 month ago #341 by DANI

#Patch 7.1.1 | 9 May 2021 @everyone

Guild Siege
• Receive a buff for participating in Guild Siege
• Added Guild Siege buff 25% EXP for 24Hours.

Offline Collector
• Restrict offline collectors to 1. (3 times speed)
• Added more options to Collins Collector Manager.
• You can exchange 20 Toothed Wheel for 1 Collector Chip.

Auto Powerup
• Added refill all button.
• Reduced duration for some Powerups, halfed the buy/sell price for them.
• Increased collecting rate for these Powerups.

Secret Room
• Changed time to 4 pm gmt+2.
• Fix teleport crash.

Guild Monster Clash
• Changed time to 2 pm gmt+2 on sunday.

Auto Stat System
• Is now saved individually for each character.

Lord Election
• Set min. vote level to 130.

• Fixed Achievement names (Weedsalad).
• Added German dialogs for Explorer setquest.
• Achievement popup is now clickable and opens achievements.

Explorer Quest
• Increased Level and Class conditions for explorer set quests.
• Made some dragon cloak quest items undeletable.

• Increased size for Anitquery junior Foreman Mushpoie. (Himadel Dungeon)
• Reduced amount to kill for Dekane mine (M) Bonus quest.
• Increased Droprate for low level dungeons (Kenane,Hiamdel,Gornus)

• Preparations for new server events.

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