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Season 3 - Patch 7.0

1 year 11 months ago - 1 year 11 months ago #339 by DANI

Season 3 A New World Is Emerging
We will start the new Season 3 Server on April 23rd 6 PM GMT+2. Many great prizes and one of the biggest updates in the history of Dragon Crusade await you.

For Season 3 we have two PvP tournaments and a PvE level competition planned. You can win prizes worth $2000.

The season is expected to run until the community wants to merge it with the main server. No characters or items will be lost after the season, instead all will be transferred to the main server. Click read more.

Season Features
Get ready for the biggest update yet and dive into the versatile new dungeons and areas. You can expect an never before seen version of Flyff with many new things to discover.

New Systems
Auto Powerup & Powerup Inventory

Stop wasting space on powerups and put them in your powerup inventory and choose to automatically trigger the powerups.

Offline Collector System

Just relax after work and set up an offline collector and be able to switch off or less PC load while actively playing.

Top Supporter System

Support the server and become a top supporter, get exclusive and unique items.

Beautiful Cities
Experience the nostalgic gaming experience on a new level. The cities of Madrigals as they were always meant to be.

Breathtaking Landscapes
Experience the landscape of Madrigal in a new way.

Nostalgic Dungeons
The old familiar dungeons have been brought back to life.

Mysterious places
Explore the mysterious magical gates and what is hidden behind them.

Many Unseen Dungeons
Experience these and many more new dungeons that bring more variety to the world of Madrigal.

Reworked PvP Areas
Experience one of the biggest tournaments in the history of Flyff.
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