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Patch 6.2.0 - Achievements!

1 year 3 months ago #322 by DANI

#Patch 6.2.0 | 29 January 2021

Achievement System
• The achievement system is unleashed.
• Adjusted Achievements rewards.
• Improved description for some achievements.

Fashion Store
• New Fashion Store Achievements.
• Added new animated hats.

• Is now saved individually for each character.

Daily Entrance
• Reset time set at 4 AM GMT+1.
• Entries are saved on restart.

Dragon Island
• Increased HP/ATK/Size for Dragon Island Giants.

Dragon Rank
• Dragon skills have old effects again.
• We refund Dragon Rank reskills.

Vote System
• Votes are saved at restart.

PvP Rumble
• Disable pet target.
• Disable link in rumble.

• Removed Stun from Meteonyker.
• Changed Meteonyker Buffs.
• Adjusted Eden Token droprate.
• Increased price for pet XP scroll (Eden Shop).
• Added Penya to Eden monster.
• Lowered B/4% Card Boxes for lower dungeons.
• Added Dragon Rank Set parts to [Divine]Dark Phoenix.

• Added Levelup Rewards from DR 56-60.
• Reduced evasion rate for bahara desert monsters.
• Added Demol +20 drop to Razgul.
• Bullhamstern holds 60 minutes now.
• Added missing quests to level 150.
• Balanced HP and Level from Bosses in Monster Clash.
• Description fix Pride of Victory.
• Add box sfx cooldown (1 sec.).

Monster Buffs
• Added more Giant Buffs to Giants/Bosses.
• Added new Buffs and Icons to Eden Giants.

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