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Patch 6.1.0 - Monster Clash

1 year 4 months ago - 1 year 4 months ago #319 by DANI

#Patch 6.1.0 | 12 January 2020

Fashion Store
• Fix fashion store unbind for bloody and shields.

Guild Monster Clash
• Fix monster spawns and stages.
• Set player limit to 10.
• Add mini stage rewards.
• Add monster clash minimum level 130.

Self Buff System
• Add new RM buffs to self buff system.
• Enable self buffs and max buffs in rumble.

EQ Switch
• Add corrupted eq switch profile detection and auto delete.

• Added more Options to Card Exchanger.

• Removed def rate for Ultimate Land card and increased STA points to 14.

• Increased Scroll of sprint to 15 minutes.

World Boss
• Decreased World boss HP.

• Fixed speed for Giant pets.

• Lowered Blockrate for Farmmap Monster and Herneos, Upresia , Sanpress Dungeons.
• Increased selling price for bloody weapons.
• Lowered Meteonyker dmg by a bit.
• Added Buffs to Dungeon Boss (Himadel, Kenane,Gornus).
• Added Penya to Guildclash Bosses.
• Improved Guild Monster Clash Rewards.
• Lower dungeon scaling by 50% (Himadel, Kenane, Gornus).
• Update dungeon difficulty message when entering a dungeon.

• Increased Duration for Grilled eel, Upcut stone, activation, vital drink X, Refresher hold and Ginger Bread (60 Minutes)
• Adjusted Price for Grilled eel, Upcut stone, activation, vital drink X, Refresher hold and Ginger Bread.
• Halfed The collect rate for Upcut stone, activation, vital drink X, Refresher hold.

• Adjusted Ranger set effects.
• Adjusted 1o1 Ringmaster Set effects.
• Reduced Cruciospell Reflect dmg to 180%.
• Removed Attackspeed from Legendary Bow and Added PVE DMG 10.
• Adjusted upgrade effects for Journey jewelry up to 250 (50) more.
• Added Cast speed to Journey Set.
• Changed Royal Master Staff effects. (HP added removed Block melee).
• Fix rainbow race teleport check.
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