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Patch 6.0.0 - Season 2 Launch

1 year 7 months ago #317 by DANI

#Patch 6.0.0 | 3 January 2020

• Eden: Farm Eden Tokens for rewards.
• Forgotten Aqueducts: Get new stat cards for upgrades.
• Gornus, Kenane, Himadel: New beginner jewelry set.

Save Accounts System
• Save all your accounts and passwords.

Re-Key F-Keys
• Change F1 Keys to normal number keys.

Auto Stat Feature
• Automatically increases a certain stat on levelup.

Companion Angel
• Get the new Ultimate Angels.
• Available in: Achievements, Dungeons and Dragon Cloak Quest.

Worldboss Shout System
• Informs you about worldboss attacks.

New Dark Illusion Logic
• Allows the first hit.
• Allows Elementor AOE attacks.

Reworked Dungeon Difficulty
• Up to 100% higher drop rate.
• Decreased monster damage.
• Increased monster HP.

Reworked Secret Room)
• New Secret Room Stages
• Better monster drops.

Achievement System (Beta)
• Currently in beta phase.
• Will be activated in the next updates.

New Skins
• Many new CS Hats, Sets and Masks
• All the new auction CS items are very rare now.

Guild Monster Clash
• Get your guild together.
• Fight epic bosses while being faster than all other guilds.
• Mo: 6:30 PM, Tue: 8 PM, Wed: 6:30 PM, Thu: 6:30 PM, Fri: 6:30 PM, Sat: 2:30 PM, Sun: 4 PM

Weapon Level Scale Update
• Uniform scaling of weapons under lv. 80.

• Improved viewing range.
Class Changes @everyone
• Added 1% Bloodsuck as set effect for whole bloody set.
• Psykeeper - Increased Psychic Square range by a bit.
• Elementor Decreased Cooldown for elementor spells by a bit.
• Ringmaster - Made all Buffs Area based.
• Blade - Changed Berserk skill to 300 add dmg and - 15% hitrate.

Generel Changes
• Added New Low level jewelery to those Dungeons Called "Jouney".
• Added Guildclash system.
• Changed Secretroom difficulty, system(you get nice prices money and more now.

Drop Changes
• Increased Dryad and Kalgas droprate for setparts by 25 %.
• Added A card drop to kalgas and behemoth Statues.
• Added Demols to Meteonyker.
• Switched Meteonyker Blue,red,green drops.
• Increased Money from Meteonykers.
• Added Ultimate Weapon Card Pieces to Forgotten Aqueducts dungeon.

• Added Mounts, weapon skins.

NPCs and Shops
• Added a Option to Exchange Ultimate Card pieces for a complet Card (10%).
• Removed clean Jewelery from worlddrop.(You can buy it at general npc).
• Added Eden Token Exchange to NPC.
• Lowered Effects from Dragonballs you get from Event.
• Added new Events and Times.
• Buffpang buffs now all around you (need same Party).
• Decreased Ultimate +10 Upgrade chance from 0.3 to 0.2 .
• Increased HP From Worldbosses (People will have more time to Join Worldboss fight).
• Increased Itemprice for dragonchips.(youll get more chips from Achievements).
• Added Ultimate Epic Fairys with Allstats (+5 +10 + 15 +20).

Map Updates
• Added New Maps [EDEN],[Forgotten Aqueducts],[Gornus],[Kenane],[Himadel].
• Added new Teleport Locations.

• Increased Duration from Scroll of Velocity and Sprint from 3- 5 Minutes.

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