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Patch 5.1.2 - Server Merge

1 year 8 months ago - 1 year 8 months ago #313 by DANI

We will merge the Season Server and Main Server on 11/20/2020 You will then have access to all your characters on one server. There will also be an event suitable for the occasion, which will be announced later. For the merger we will shut down the servers for maintenance on 11/19/2020 at 6pm GMT+2 for a few hours. We wish you a lot of fun on the merged server.

#Patch 5.1.2 | 20 November 2020

Server Merge
• Merge Main and Season Server.

Model Preview
• Support for animated hats in model preview.

Dragon Ball Fusion Event
• Event Exchanger added

Monster Buffs
• Remove monster buffs by duration window.

Pet Filter
• Settings will now be saved individually.

Beginner Mode
• Add option to disable the beginner mode.

Model Cache
• Add improved model caching for better performance.

Guild Siege
• Add custom Guild Siege level command. (e.g. 60 siege)
• Fix Guild Siege info display (left side).

Weapon Class Reset
• Add info about the reset scroll.

• Fix taskbar crash.
• Add Fashion Store shield menu.
• Optimize player safe time.
• Improved security.
• Kheldor Cloak black and white fixed.
• Add new colored weapons to fashion store.
• Deletable [Q]Florfliegen and [Q]leech items.
• Skin Zensoz Yoyo Model updated.
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