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Patch 5.1.1

1 year 10 months ago - 1 year 10 months ago #308 by DANI

#Patch 5.1.1 | 17 September 2020

Multi Channel Party-Finder
• Parties from all channels are displayed.
• You can join the parties of all channels directly.
• Parties and skills are synchronized across all channels.

Equipment Switch
• Fix item drag and drop.
• Fix client crash while saving.

PvP Rumble
• Fix client crash when entering.

Ancient Castle
• [Vigil]Ying and [Vigil]Yang damage reduced by 35%.
• Ancient Divine Key changed to none quest Item.

• Add FWC 2020 Badge.
• Add Facebook Streamer Badge.
FWC Event preparations.
• Update expanded inventory design.
• Server security has been improved.
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