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Patch 5.1.0

1 year 11 months ago #307 by DANI

#Patch 5.1.0 | 4 September 2020

Automated Bag System
• Collects your items directly into your bag.
• Mark the bag you want to use.
• Only the items stacks that are in your bag will be collected.

PvP Rumble
• Gain up to 75 guild points for a rumble.
• Get 10 points for each guild mate inside the rumble.
• Get 1 point for each player kill.
• Add new MvP icon for the winner.

Level Buddy System
• Update EXP calculation.
• Will increase your EXP with a buddy.
• The party will gain EXP now.

Animated Hat System
• We added two new animated hats to the fashion store.
• The hats use our new animation system.

Fashion Store
• Add two new kheldor cloak skins.
• Add new shield skins.
• Add new weapon skins.

Secret Room
• Gain 100 guild points for doing the SR.

Record Book
• Add most dungeon runs record.

Leech EXP System (Premium)
• Premium Users get the same EXP as with a leech.
• No more need to open a second client for a leech.

Hide Buffs/Powerups Option
• Hide buffs and powers in the options menu.

Auction System
• You can now offer a bigger amount on auctions.

Equipment Switch
• Fix master switch bug.

• Fix white texture bug.
• Fix client crash in dungeons.
• Fix dragon rank dmg calculation.
• Fix seal character message.
• Fix weapon level scroll.
• Fix Skin Phantom Shield & Skin Phantom Zem Shield.
• Add new login loading screens.
• Add ATK/HP Rate Diamond to fast diamond system.
• Change ultimate jewelry from DR 35 to DR 25.
• Decrease fireland block rate.

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