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Patch 4.7.6

9 months 2 days ago - 9 months 2 days ago #298 by DANI
#Patch 4.7.6 | 13 July 2020

Level Buddy
• Add level buddy toggle in party window.
• Both level partners have to enable it.

Info Message System
• Shows different info tips in the chat.

Guide System
• You will receive guides as levelup gift.
• The mini guides will help you playing the game.

Buff Rendering
• You can now change your buff UI style.
• Open Start -> Options to enable it.
• Click on enable legacy buff rendering
• This solves also the invisible UI bug.

• Upresia Non Master Endboss damage reduced (10%)
• Tramnuk Non Master Endboss damage reduced (10%)
• Herneos Master and Non Master Endboss can move now.
• Upresia Master and Non Master Endboss can move now.
• Put dungeon teleport restrictions to lv. 130.

Gear Score
• We lowered the GS for the master dungeons by 150.

• Increase non hero billposter damage.

Pet Tamer System
• Use scrolls while having no penya.

Guild Siege
• Fix guild siege point reward.
• Promo Box PoweUp Items changed.
• Scylla (Pet) Model changed.

Actionslot Pages System
• You can have multiple actions slots.
• Put them in your taskbar with a shortcut.

Dungeon Scaling
• Fix master dungeon entry (dungeon scaling).

World Buffs
• Worldbuff keeps time its after relogg.

Promo Beginner Box
• Lower min. level for boxes.

• Fix client crash in fullscreen.
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