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Dragon Rank 80 Expansion

4 months 3 weeks ago #396 by DANI

Dragon Rank 80 Expansion in 20 hours - Embark on a New Adventure!

Brace for impact, Dragon Crusade champions! This Friday January 26, 2024 6:00 PM in 20 hours, we're launching the exhilarating Dragon Rank 80 Expansion!

Discover New Level Areas & Dungeons!
Explore the mysterious Dark Territory, designed for Dragon Rank 70+ adventurers.
Delve into the Black Castle, battle Legendary Dragons, and gather materials for the coveted Black Dragon Sets.
Venture into the Ice Wing Dungeon to acquire the majestic Golden Dragon Weapons!

Tournament Statistics Match 1 & 2
We've tallied the points from all matches for an overall ranking:
1st: its with 91 Points (only in Match 2)
2nd: L0ST with a total of 83 Points
3rd: Cherry with a total of 41 Points
4th: Sanctuary with a total of 31 Points
5th: RexHuB with 0 Points (only in Match 2)

Upcoming Tournament Match in 3 days
Prepare for another intense tournament match this Sunday! Compete for a chance to win 300 FWC Tokens. Make sure your guild is ready for the Guild Siege!

Embrace the new challenges in the Dragon Rank 80 Expansion. Unleash your skills, strategize with your guild, and let's create epic moments together!

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