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Dragon Rank 25 & Donation Event

9 months 2 weeks ago #380 by DANI
Dragon Rank 25 Expansion & Special Events

We're excited to announce some special events and updates for our community!

EXP, Drop, and Penya Event
Starting from May 19, 3 PM GMT+2, we're launching a 25% boost event running until Sunday! Don't miss this opportunity to level up faster, find more items, and earn more Penya!

Dragon Rank 25 Expansion
You can now farm the new Dungeon - Moonshadow Forest, and get your hands on new accessories that are available exclusively from this dungeon!

Donation Event
Starting now and running only until this Sunday, you will receive a bonus of +30% more donate coins after your payment process on the website is completed.

New Ultra Pets in Vote Shop
We've added new Ultra Pets to the Vote Shop! Vote for an Ultra Pet Box and get a chance to own one of the best pets in the game. Here are some you can look forward to:

Low Pets:
  • Ultra Cobra: +2% Penya
  • Ultra Monkey: +2% Drop
  • Ultra Pukepuke: All Stat +1
  • Ultra Demian: PVE Damage +1%

Mid Pets:
  • Ultra Giggle Box: +5% Penya
  • Ultra Totemia: +5% Drop
  • Ultra Wheelm: All Stat +2
  • Ultra Driller: PVE Damage +2%

High Pets:
  • Ultra Popcrank: +20% Penya
  • Ultra Zombiger: +20% Drop
  • Ultra Carrierbomb: All Stat +7, +20% Drop, +20% Penya
  • Ultra Rangda: PVE Damage +5%

Season 8 Tournament - Match 2
The second tournament match will start today at 3 PM GMT+2 with a prize pool of 150 tokens! Guilds get tournament points based on their achievements in Guild Siege. The prize money will be distributed in Dragon Coins to the guilds after the tournament. Don't forget to check the tournament schedule for the exact dates of the matches. And remember, each tournament match grants a FREE LEVEL UP at any level or rank + EXP Buff + Guild Points!

Let's have an exciting week, Dragon Crusaders!

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