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Dragon Rank 14 Expansion & Tournament

11 months 1 week ago #379 by DANI
Celebrating Top 5 Rank with XP/Drop Event, Dragon Rank 14 Expansion & Tournament Kickoff

Hello everyone!

We're incredibly excited to share some fantastic news with our community. Our collective efforts in the Season 8 Vote Event have propelled us into the top 5! To celebrate this achievement and express our gratitude, we have some thrilling events lined up!

EXP and Drop Event
Starting at 12 PM GMT+2 on May 14, we're cranking up the rates! For the next 24 hours, you can expect an explosion of EXP and drop rates. This is an ideal opportunity for you to fast-track your progress, level up faster, and amass a wealth of items. Don't miss out on this chance to turbocharge your journey in our world!

Dragon Rank 14 & Island Expedition Expansion
As part of our ongoing commitment to keep our gameplay exciting and rewarding, we're raising the level cap to Dragon Rank 14! Accompanying this significant milestone, we're thrilled to introduce our Island Expedition Expansion. Navigate through challenging new content, battle fearsome foes, and get a chance to acquire ultra CS set upgrades. This is an opportunity to adjust your tactics, refine your strategies, and prepare to conquer uncharted territories!

Season 8 Tournament - First Match Today!
The wait is over, and the battlefield is set! We're kicking off the first match of our Season 8 Tournament today at 3 PM GMT+2. Compete for a substantial prize pool of 100 tokens! This is your chance to ready your guild, summon your courage, and prepare to showcase your prowess.

Tournament Match 1 Details
• Earn tournament points for your guild based on your performance in the Guild Siege.
• Prizes, to be distributed in the form of Dragon Coins, will be awarded following the tournament.
• As an added bonus, participating in each tournament match rewards you with a FREE LEVEL UP at any rank!

We're gearing up for a thrilling day of challenges and rewards. So, gather your allies and prepare to climb, conquer, and celebrate together! We look forward to seeing you all in the game.

Happy gaming!

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