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Make stick a 1 - Handed Weapon

4 months 4 days ago - 4 months 3 days ago #181 by Nino

beside it being common on most Pservers that the stick is a 1 -Handed Weapon I want to explain why it should be no difference on Dragon Crusade. Not every single player is supposed to level up a Knight to tank dungeons. Other classes are supposed to fulfill the job of a tank as well - just worse. Yet they should be able in any way. I am talking about Seraph and Forcemaster here. Right now they are totaly able to tank the Kalgas/Behe and Dryad dungeon and I don't see a reason why that should stop at the DR. 25 Dungeon. This post relys on the information that it's boss deals up to 600k Dmg which I recieved from a GM. This amount of HP is possible to reach for a Forcemaster - not for a Seraph. The huge difference between these two classes is that Forcemasters can wear a Knuckle + Beheshield and Seraph can't. Neither can Seraphs wear Stick + Shield which leads into disabling their tankability in endgame.

Now let's compare some facts:

By wearing Lusaka's Crystal Fist and Forcegem Shield (Best HP Items for Forcemaster) you are able to recieve following bonuses:
A Lusaka's Crystal Fist U+10 10/10 provides you:
+ 75 STA (Dias)
+ 70 STA (Land A's)
+ 25 STA (Avrg. awake)
+ 18 STA and 28% HP STA (Knuckle effect)
Which results in 188 STA and 28% HP

A Forcegem Shield 10/10 provides you:
+ 70 STA (Land A's)
+ 25 STA (Avrg. awake)
+ 20% HP (Shield effect)
Which results in 95 STA and 20% HP

Comparing it to the Behemoth's Stick U+10 10/10 which provides you:
+ 75 STA (Dias)
+ 70 STA (Land A's)
+ 45 STA and 35% HP STA (Stick effect)
+ 25 STA (Avrg. awake)
Which results in 215 STA and 35% HP - So the Lv. 130 Seraph Stick provides just a tiny bit more (27 STA and 7% HP) compared to a Lv. 75M Knuckle :silly:.

On top of that a Stick doesn't allow you to wear a Shield since it's a 2-Handed Weapon. A knuckle however does. Resulting in a bonus of 188 + 95 STA and 28% + 20% HP = 283 STA + 48% HP combined with Forcegem Shield. This is an advantage of 68 STA and 8% HP (not 13% because Kalgas Seraph Set gives 5% more HP than Kalgas Forcemaster Set). Using a Luzaka's Knuckle and some random Shield on Seraph would lead in having the bonuses of a Forcemaster minus the 20% HP bonus of the Forcegem Shield which is alot.

Now there are 4 options to make Seraph a viable tank for later dungeons:

1) Make it possible to change the Job of the Forcegem Shield to Seraph (maybe only for dr. 25 Seraphs?) to achieve same bonuses as Forcemaster (Not a real solution if you want to see Seraphs using a Stick on this server. Also huge financially effort upgrading a new weapon to U+10 10/10)

2) Simply Buff Behe Stick so that it balances out the huge advantage (also bad solution in my eyes)

3) Make Seraph scale a little better with STA (currently 1.10) to 1.2 / 1.3. Knight would still remain the strongest tank having the best scaling with 1.5 and way superior effects on items. (2nd best solution)

4) Make Stick a 1-Handed Weapon allowing Seraphs to wear Stick + Shield but don't allow Frocegem Shield to change it's job (Best solution because a good awaked STA shield can balance out the difference of 68 STA and 8% HP if it has a huge awake like +40 STA which is not impossible)
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